Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh my God!!

Today was the official opening of the Vis com Film reel exhibition in which I did a documentary about inequality in the work place. It just so happens the same kind of documentary is on tonight as well on BBC2 9pm By Jane Simon The trouble with working Women.
Taken from the website
"Gosh, it’s 2009. Are we still talking about glass ceilings and equal pay for women? Did we not get that one sorted out yet? Apparently not"

Its a new series and Great timing on my behalf, At least I'm working with the times..... My version is obviously a lot shorter, and with less budget you can see it's flaws but it even contained the same music! : ) Ive been comparing my ideas with the documentary as I've been watching it and I think I did quite well comparing it to professional standard...Although my editing skills could be much better : )

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