Saturday, 23 May 2009

Elective: Illusration and Visualization

I had a love hate relationship with my Elective. What I expected was far from what I was about to experience. There were exercises like cutting and pasting, and drawing round shapes to create something visually interesting?! (Yes, you heard me) was this what I was spending my half term doing?!
At the start of the week I hated it but by the end I was enjoying the exercise far too much and actually ended up with some really good visual illustrations. This elective taught me how to relax whilst I worked, as I'm so used to working neatly and to guidelines. Instead just going with the flow and seeing what happened worked for me. I really enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend it to others. : )

Exercise one:use a cartoon character to develop repetitive images/patterns.

Exercise two: Choose something to cut out within a magazine and create other images.

I chose to cut out random body parts

Cutting images of body parts out of magazines became boring after the first attempt. So I decided to stick the cut-outs back into the magazine and stick the pages of the magazine together to create several layered images. These are my favourite.

Exercise Three: create a storyboard of an existing movie using the techniques already learnt.

I chose Kill Bill Vol.1 Scene 1

This elective was good because it forced me out of my comfort zone and made me think and work in ways which I weren't used to. I'm glad Iv learnt these techniques/processes because I can now apply them to my future works. However I never, ever, ever want to be an Illustrator and so it was good for helping me make my mind up about that too.

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