Sunday, 17 May 2009

Adding more material to my documentary

I have decided to bring what the media says on inequality into my documentary, I might take a more serious example like the lights of Alan Sugar and his view's, or I might add a light hearted joke from a comedy strip.

Here's some that Iv looked at

Taken from Alan Sugar warned last night that equal opportunity laws have made it harder for a woman to get a job.
Employers are not allowed to ask women about having children - so they would just not employ them, he said.
The self-made millionaire and star of BBC TVs The Apprentice added: "Everything has gone too far. We have maternity laws where people are entitled to too much. He said: "That's the bottom line, you're not allowed to ask so it's easy - just don't employ them.
"It will get harder to get a job as a woman."

I know the Ali G, and Sean Lock videos are intended to be light hearted jokes but this is the exact point I'm trying to make, It's not a direct hit at the comedian its just an example of how so many people see this issue.

I decided to use the Sean Lock as my example although I wish I'd of used the Alan Sugar one instead, because now I feel it highlights the problem in a serious way. Everyone laughed at the Sean Lock example when I asked my audience their opinion, but then said it was also thought provoking afterwards because of the following statistics about women getting paid 17%less, they then questioned why they were laughing.

Am I a feminist?

I have been asked this question whilst doing this project because I think people believe if your willing to fight for a cause like this then you must hate men and want justice. I don't think I'm a feminist at all. When I start a family I think I will be more than happy to be an old fashioned wife to a certain extent, and I will be happy to be the back bone of my family, but my career is a different ball game. I'm not sure its my dream to reach the top and run my own business and I think I will be happy to work for someone else if that happens to be a man so be it, but if there is even a whiff of me being treat unequal to anyone else I will make sure I do something about it. That doesn't make me a feminist.

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