Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Major Project

Final Project RESEARCH

Produce a body of work using documentation and reportage techniques to draw attention upon the latest statistics, which show inequality in the workplace still exists.

The purpose of this brief is to shed a light on the things that take place in the workplace that shouldn't. The statistics still show that women still get paid 17% less than men, but women are also more likely to be victims of sexual harassment, and other sexual discriminatory acts. As women are more likely to be the ones who take responsibility at home for all the major things cooking, cleaning, child bearing definitely. The attitudes about women and their capabilities have never seemed to changed from this to something more modern. Most women probably wouldn't argue with the roles in the home because I think we are naturally made to want to do this for our families (although we all have our boundaries), but when in a professional environment I think they expect to be treat as an equal.

As I really enjoyed filming and editing in my last project Designing for Audiences, Iv decided to pick video for my Major project too. I never thought Id ever say this but I have found myself overwhelmingly interested in this area of work. Films have never been a big interest to me, but I have always loved watching documentaries/reality programs on T.V. My favourite types are Hells Kitchen, Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, and Come Dine with me. They all do have a link Food which I think is one reason why I love them, but I also so love them because most of the events that happen in these documentary type programs are unplanned, funny and thought provoking especially if your looking for recipes or dining ideas.

I also like more Intellectual types of documentaries like the Louis Theroux ones. He challenges different issues such as, racial, political, Religious etc. These types of documentaries to me are the best I could sit and watch them all day, I admire how he challenges his interviewee's and anyone else who is unlucky enough to cross his path, it makes good T.V.

I think basing my documentary on a real life issue that is important to the times will provoke my own thoughts or the audiences' on the issues raised.

As part of my research for my introduction to my documentary I looked at the suffragette movement as this is where women started to fight for there rights. Although I didn't have much time to research into this movement in depth, Its definitely something I would like to look at, at a later time.

The suffragettes had a horrible time and it was the one thing which brought all kinds of women together from all classes which was very unusually for the times. They eventually got the right to vote something we take for granted these days.

The suffragettes also appear in the Hovis advert where a young boy is running through the streets with his Hovis loaf. He passes all the important events that happened in Britain. I like this advert : )

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