Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Re-incarnation of St Orlan

What is the art? The re-incarnation of St Orlan

Art is thought to be done by the artist. But is it possible for the artist to be the art?

Well they say you learn something new everyday. Whilst reading a book I came across an artist who did just that. The artist Orlan underwent a series of operations to recreate her face into what the males of historical time considered beauty. She took the features from various female figures in a variety of different paintings which were and are considered beautiful works of art.

Such as the mouth of Bouchers' Europa, the forehead of Leonardo' Mona Lisa and the chin of Batticellis' Venus.

The operation was broadcast live to galleries throughout the world and called art and afterwards the video of the op and left over flesh was up for grabs.


This is a perfect example of how modern art can be so eclectic and undefined, and makes the question What is art? all the more difficult to answer.

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