Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Sand Pit: Examples of different types of animation techniques and softwares

Stop Motion

Where objects are used to create movement. The process is very long and time consuming because you have to move the object bit by bit whilst taking photographs of every single small movement. The photographs are then put together to create a movie sequence. Clay is often used for stop motion as it versatile and easy to manipulate.

The is a stop motion video by Kristoferstrom I found it on YouTube.

This video reminds me of the carphone warehouse advert, I love it. The first instance of stop motion was in 1898 and so its quite an old technique with a long history. The first Stop motion technique was object animation but has developed right to time-lapse. Although the facts show how much technologhy has developed, old fashioned techniques are still used and are highly valuable to animators, which this video shows.

Strata-Cut animation

Which is also a form of stop motion animation but is done using clay. The technique is similar to the one above only an object is created usually in the shape of a sausage which is well put together using different coloured clay. when the object is formed a slice is cut of the oject and a photograph is taken. when the suasage has finished the photographs are put together in a sequence to create movement.

I think this kind of animation is really theraputic, hypnotic and relaxing, I nearly feel asleep watching it.

Cell Shaded Animation

Cell Shading animation was used in early animated movies such as Disney classics. Its a process where a 3D model is used as a silhoette, and from that a 2D computer graphic is rendered to look like a drawing which is usually in the style of a cartoon or comic. These 2D graphics are done using acetate which are called Cells. Although these animations are like simple drawing the Cell shading technique is very complex.

This example of cell shading animation is called Spirited Away

The animation by Disney is not at all like the usual western type that everyone knows, it a japanese style of animation.

'CGI' computer generated imagery

There are many different softwares used to create CGI, a few being Maya, Lightwave 3D, Blender and many more which are very complex, (an example has been given earlier on where I used Maya). Because of the availabilty of these CGI softwares and because computers are becoming faster it has been possible for individuals to create these professional 3D projects for games or film etc. Its said that this has now created a subculture on the internet. CGI in the past was used to create special effects for instance in Jurrassic Park the creators used CGI to create the 3D illusion of the Dinosaurs. But in later year its become more popular with films created using full CGI. (Toy Story being the first which iv mentioned).

This animation has been created using CGI software, but the reason iv made it an example is the creators have made it look almost like a cell shaded animation, and like its 2D. I think it defeats the purpose of using CGI in a way but then its even better because its added another dimension to the movies profile. Also it really shows of the current styles and softwares available. I really like this one.

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