Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Sand Pit: My experience using Maya

As 3D animation is also something im interested in looking at I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at working in Maya to create a cartoon character. Wow it was the most complex advanced software iv ever worked with if thats what you could call it. Creating simple things such as the shell of a mobile phone in this software is difficult you have to think about all the axis and remembering its a 3D model was easy to forget at times. I worked in the program using all 4 authographic veiws which made it easier to model as you could see the component at all points. I started off with a simple component such as a sphere which in Maya are called nurbs (objects with a smooth exterior) then I used the 3 colour coded axis which were for scale, rotation and movement to manipulate the component. This was the hard bit having manipulated one part of the component left the other parts of the component out of shape getting my head round all this was way too difficult at this stage. I tried creating the model of my chicken but it wasnt happening as you can see from the picture but having a go was really fun. The instructions I followed and the process I used are in my sketchbook
Toy story was the first full movie to use this software:

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