Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Sand Pit: creating a storyboard

Group activity
In groups of 3 plan, draw and physically create a storyboard using 3 different shooting angles.

Close up
Long shot
Extreme angle

(Think about how the storyboards are drawn to communicate the narrative as the film will be edited by another group).

This is the storyboard which we created before the next activity

After doing this exercise our group of three, acted the storyboard out. Me and Steph acted out each scene whilst Hayley filmed us using a mini DV Camcorder. Doing this exercise was very valuable to me it taught me alot of things that I wouldnt usually take into consideration if I was to film something. Having to think about whether a shot was long, short or extreme made the storyboard and film more interesting and 3 dimentional. It also introduced me to how shots are thought up and its for this specific reason. Different shots belong in different places within a storyboard and film to bring something to attention or to build up a sort of tension or energy within the narrative. As the storyboard was going to be used by another group to edit our film, we had to be very careful to illustrate the drawings well enough so they could compare each clip in the film to each illustration. If the narrative was communicated properly on paper and on the film then the other group would find it easy to edit it. I think as it was our groups first attempt at the story board we did well. We also had to edit someone elses film and as it was also our first attempt at using Final cut, it was really hard but we managed to create a very simple sequence which we presented infront of the class. I really enjoyed this short exercise as it introduced alot of communication and technical processes to me that I wouldnt normally come across which I later experimented with whilst doing this Brief.

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