Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Sand Pit: Conclusion

I feel whilst doing this Com Tech brief I have been allowed to experiment and develop my skills in other areas I wouldn't have necessarily attempted without a reason.
Working with and researching into animation has given me a better understanding of the art form and the technologies behind it. I have been allowed to be creative, experimental, and expressive through my ideas with different softwares which I have thoroughly enjoyed.
Animation is there to create narrative and to entertain different people with different tastes and ideas, but it is also there to be challenged. Its an ever changing art form and the softwares used to create it are well established and more readily available.
After working with animation I can now appreciate the art form for what it is, it is very precise, and complex which focuses highly on timing and innovation. Even though animation and the softwares have developed dramatically the core skills and principles of this Art form are still highly important.
Overall I have learnt a lot of thinking, technological and experimental skill from this brief which I will use within my future works. P.S I'm totally Blog 'loved up'...which is another thing Ive been forced into doing since starting this brief.

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