Saturday, 31 January 2009

Current Brief: The Sand Pit

Research, Explore and Document your relationship with Communication Technology.

The Technology I currently use:

The first thing that comes to mind is my mobile phone. Me and My mobile phone have a special relationship. I have a reputation for not 'LOVING' my mobile phone enough. It finds itself in the most annoying places, In the wash basket, In the washing machine, In someone elses pocket, (I know its dreadful).When things like this happen which has been quite alot, it really makes me appreciate how much I love my phone ( I suppose you never know what you've got till its gone).
When my phones actually with me, I can keep intouch with my favourite people, I can listen to my favourite music, I can take photographs of my favourite visions, and last and very least it wakes me up in a morning. It does everything I need it to do, and its an important part of my everyday life.

The second my Computer. I Love the fact that I can access endless amounts of information without even moving. I love the fact that I can talk to my boyfriend for free on skype. I also love the fact that I have the opportunity to use different softwares to my advantage which help me create endless amounts of work. But I hate the fact that the internet is so advanced that I dont really have to do a thing to get anything. Sometimes I might buy something online and until I look at my bank balance its like I never even bought it because its just so easy to press a button. Having to go out and buy it on a rainy day would alone put me off. Im not saying its all bad though because for someone who isnt so mobile this would be good. They could use this facility to their advantage as there are websites set up such as that do certain offers such as shop and drop which is fantastic.

I once had a conversation about technology with this random person on the bus home, he was so passionate about his veiws he simply forced it on me. He said something along the lines of

" In my day no-one had these things (mobile phones), they are alien to us. The young ones these days are constantly on them, if they arent talking on them they are blasting out what some would call music. We dont communicate like we used to, whats wrong with a bit of respect"

By this point I stopped listening as I was slightly annoyed by his opinion of the music someone was playing on the bus (I actually liked it that time). But later on I realised he actually had a point. We are all wired up constantly and we are all so happy to isolate ourselves from doing the natural and healthy things in life, Some of us not even noticing the environment we live in.

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